Meet the great people who keep FTG running smoothly!

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    PCC, PTT

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    At Fremont Therapy Group, not only do we have highly trained therapists, but our care begins the moment you walk through our doors. We pride ourselves on making the patient experience comprehensive and welcoming from your first appointment through to recovery. Our Patient Care Coordinators (PCC) and Physical Therapy Technicians (PTT) are invaluable support staff.

    These invaluable people are the first point of patient contact and ensure patients feel welcome, comfortable, and part of our caring team. Please take a moment to learn more about our outstanding PCCs and PTTs who will work with you every step of the way.


    Darce Watson, PCC, Riverton  

    Darce Watson is the lead Patient Care Coordinator in our Riverton Office and takes the reins on administration for the clinic. She is a true people-person, and enjoys greeting patients and guests as they come through the door. Her kindness and humor are a favorite of patients and co-workers. Darce ensures patients are taken care of from their first appointment to their last.

    Darce brings over a decade of experience working in the office and public service settings. Her organizational and interpersonal skills help keep the clinic in smooth working order.

    Darce notes highlights of her work, “I love the people that come to FTG, I take pride in comforting patients while they wait, I try to help them understand that they will get better and the pain is temporary.”

    Darce and her husband, both Riverton natives, raised their three children, Derek, Tyler, and Taren in the community, and they continue to enjoy a growing number of grandchildren–the current count is six grandbabies! Darce thrives in the outdoors, including four-wheeling and water sports, especially when it involves extended family. And the Green Bay Packers run deep in her family!


    Cassey Lynn, Physical Therapy Technician, Riverton

    Cassey Lynn is a Physical Therapy Technician in the Riverton clinic. Patients love her kind manner as she assists the PTs in the clinic. You will find Cassey helping ensure patient’s treatment is comfortable and productive. She also takes pride in maintaining clinic supplies and equipment.

    “Fremont Therapy Group balances professionalism with fun. I love working alongside all staff, and in turn they have become like family. One of my favorite aspects of working as a PTT is seeing the patient’s progress and getting to know them as a person. I truly believe connecting with patients contributes to their progress and the outcome of treatment.“

    Cassey was born and raised in Hendersonville, TN. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from East Tennessee State University and has several years experience as a Physical Therapy Technician. She is certified by RockTape in Functional Movement Tape for both performance and basic function.

    She and her husband Henry are recent Riverton transplants from Jacksonville, NC. They are excited to begin exploring the natural wonders of Wyoming and are proud to now call the wild west home.


    Jessica Boodleman, Physical Therapy Technician, Riverton

    Jessie brings broad experience with patient care in her role as Physical Therapy Technician. She works closely with the physical therapists to help each patient feel comfortable and attended to during treatment. Jessie has found a passion for helping others and assisting them in overcoming challenges they did not think they could previously achieve.

    Jessie explains, “I enjoy getting to know people and watching them overcome injuries so they can get back to their livelihoods.”

    Jessie worked for several years in an outpatient physical therapy clinic in Casper, WY. This is where she found her calling to pursue a career in the medical field. Her current goal is to attend nursing school at Central Wyoming College.

    Growing up in the Sinks Canyon area, Jessie has an affinity for any outdoor activity. She counts fishing, hunting, and boating as some of her favorite hobbies. Jessie is also handy at creating customized apparel and drinkware.


    Kathy Prins, PCC, Lander

    You are sure to be met with a smile and kindness with Kathy at the front desk in our Lander clinic. As the Patient Care Coordinator, Kathy ensures patients are well taken care of from their first appointment, and throughout their entire course of treatment.

    She guides patients through all the necessary intake forms and provides guidance with insurance and billing questions. A true team player, Kathy feels pride in making each patient’s experience positive and her FTG co-workers’ jobs easier.

    Kathy explains her passion for patient care, “The best part of my job is that I love connecting with patients and hearing their stories!”

    Kathy attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, after which she completed a one year internship to earn her degree in Medical Technology. Kathy worked as a Medical Technician in a hospital laboratory for several years in the Midwest. Upon moving to Wyoming, Kathy gained experience as an appointment coordinator in orthodontics and as a customer accounts manager in insurance.

    Kathy and her husband have two grown children and a silver lab puppy. They enjoy spending their free time putting the finishing touches on their log cabin home, fixing up their vintage camper, and gardening.


    Kyle Carey, PTT, Lander

    Kyle is the lead Physical Therapy Technician in our Lander clinic, who provides support to the therapists, patients, and helps keep the clinic in top running order. After completing an internship at FTG, Kyle found a passion for patient care and now has plans to attend physical therapy school while he gains valuable experience as a physical therapy technician.

    “Throughout the day I get to interact with so many great people, and I get to watch them improve everyday. I enjoy being able to continue to work with the great therapists that I have gotten to know over my previous internship with Fremont Therapy Group.

    As someone who is looking at going into the field of physical therapy, I am extremely lucky to be immersed in the positive culture that the Lander clinic has offered.“

    Kyle earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology, minor in Psychology, from Concordia University Nebraska. The next step in his academic career is Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

    A Lander native, Kyle is happy to be working in his hometown. Outside of work, he enjoys wrestling, lifting weights, fishing, hiking, and spending time with his two younger brothers.


    Taylor Blasko–PTT Lander

    Taylor works as a support system for our physical therapists. She helps patients feel comfortable, assists PTs with equipment, and helps keep the clinic in top running order.

    Taylor has always had a passion for learning about the mechanics of the human body, “Being in the PT profession allows me to continue learning about movement and help people reach their goals.”

    Taylor earned her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health Promotion from the University of Wyoming. She has future plans to pursue a career in Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy.

    A Lander native, Taylor enjoys running, riding horses, and fishing—all with her dog, Baxter, in tow.

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