Meet Fremont Therapy Group’s fantastic school therapists and athletic trainer!

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    Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Athletic Training Staff

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    At Fremont Therapy Group, we not only provide industry-leading treatment in our clinic settings, but we also have a notable presence in our area school districts. FTG is a committed partner with our schools and child development center, helping ensure students receive the physical therapy, occupational therapy, and athletic training services they need.

    Please take a moment to learn about our fantastic school-based Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Athletic Training staff!


    Paige Nolan, LVHS Athletic Trainer  

    Paige’s lifelong passion for athletics and participation in high school softball is what led her to a career in Athletic Training. Paige provides support for area athletes to ensure safe strengthening and competition. She loves working with her athletes helping them learn effective techniques to return to play after injury. In clinic, she assists patients with their prescribed plan of care.

    Paige graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training. Paige is also SportsmetricsTM certified. While in the athletic training program, Paige worked with D1 football and softball teams. In addition, Paige is currently pursuing her Master of Education in Career & Technical Education from Concordia University.

    When describing her work with Fremont County athletes, Paiges explains, “I enjoy working with high school students because I get to see them grow up and become the young adult he/she is meant to be. The livelihood of the students and the constant laughter keeps me going because I know I am making a huge difference in their lives”.

    When Paige is not busy helping athletes, she enjoys spending the majority of her time camping, fishing, hunting, playing softball, skiing and riding four-wheelers.


    Kelsey Berg, Occupational Therapist

    Kelsey enjoys treating patients of all ages. Her current passion is working with K-12 students who have attention difficulties, sensory processing difficulties, visual perceptual, and fine motor difficulties. Prior to moving to Lander, Kelsey worked in acute care hospital settings in Casper–she treated conditions ranging from post-operative, to trauma, to neurological. She then changed gears and worked with students for 4 years in the Casper school district.

    “I love my job and feel blessed to be in a profession that enables me to be a lifelong learner. I enjoy seeing students gain the skills and knowledge that they need to meet their goals and gain confidence in their abilities. I also enjoy collaborating with school staff to ensure that each student has the optimal learning environment. I am fortunate to work with a great group of therapists who have an amazing depth of knowledge that I can tap into as well. “

    Kelsey is a Lander native and is happy to be back in the area. She graduated from the University of North Dakota at Casper College with a Master of Occupational Therapy degree.

    When not in the school system helping children, she spends her time with her husband and 2 young daughters on their ranch. She loves riding horses, exploring the outdoors, playing volleyball, and spending time with family.


    Lisa Rhyne, Occupational Therapist

    Lisa is seasoned occupational therapist who provides care to children in our school districts. Lisa treats each of her patients one on one and works with them to reach goals that make help make for a life filled with function and meaningful activity.

    Lisa explains, “I love the variety of my career, and take pride in making a positive impact on each individual I guide through therapy.”

    Lisa earned her Occupational Therapy (OTR/L) degree from Colorado State University. Throughout her OT career, Lisa has treated a variety of patients from early intervention pediatrics, orthopedics, to in-patient hospital rehabilitation.

    A Brush, Colorado native, Lisa now embraces farming and ranching in Wyoming. Outside of OT, she spends time with her family, loves to read, but mostly enjoys daily adventures with her two adventurous boys.


    Laurie Paxton, Occupational Therapist

    Laurie happily returned to Wyoming after living near Amarillo, Texas for 13 years. Since her return, Laurie has worked with people of all ages, although the majority of her experience is in pediatrics with children who are diagnosed with Down Syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, various other genetic disorders and developmental delays. Her special interests include working with children who have diagnoses on the autism spectrum, and those with sensory processing disorders. Laurie has earned her Pediatric Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) certification. With the NDT certification, Laurie provides specialized care to pediatric patients with neuromuscular dysfunction using evidence based treatment.

    Originally from Wisconsin, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from Mount Mary College (1980) in Milwaukee WI.

    Married for 27 years, she lives on a ranch near Riverton with her husband and their menagerie. They have 3 grown children who are in California, Wyoming, and Illinois. She enjoys reading, hiking, working in the yard, riding a bike and the last several years run/walking with the completion of 3 half marathons.

    Laurie sums up her career, “I love my job. The students teach me something every single day. The OT, PT and school staff members I work with are phenomenal. I feel fortunate to have this job!”


    Bree Martinsen, Physical Therapy Assistant

    Bree has worked in a variety of settings including home health care, long-term care facilities, and orthopedic outpatient clinical settings. Bree often works in the clinic; however, her focus is in pediatric therapy in the school-based setting with children from kindergarten to grade 12. She has specialized training in treating sensory integration/processing disorders, working with autistic children, and with children with cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries, Down’s Syndrome and a variety of other genetic disorders.

    Bree graduated from the Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Central Wyoming College in May of 1998 and joined Fremont Therapy Group that fall.

    Born and raised in Lander, she has been married for over twenty years and has two sons. She enjoys spending time in the mountains, desert camping, four-wheeling with friends and family, gardening, and watching her children play sports.

    ”I have the best of both worlds with my job. First of all, I get to be part of an amazing team that are all too often some of the only positive interaction these kids get in their lives. Secondly, I get to apply a wide variety of fun and therapeutic interventions to help meet the vast physical needs for these superstar kids–it is an honor to be a part of their lives! There are not many people who can honestly say they LOVE their job… I am proud to say I am one that absolutely does!”


    Lisa Lowham, Occupational Therapist

    Lisa is a Wyoming native who provides Occupational Therapy to children in Fremont County School District #1. She is skilled in reaching children and loves to help these young students participate as fully as possible in school programs and activities.

    Lisa earned her OTR/L from Colorado State University. In addition, she is certified in Pediatric Neuro Development (NDT) and has advanced training from the Tscharnuter Akademie for Movement Organization (TAMO) in pediatrics.

    When describing her love for her job, “I get to meet kids when they are small children and then follow their progress over the school years. I watch them grow and learn, then after all their hard work and motivation (mixed with my interventions), I get to watch these amazing young adults emerge into the world with a foundation of self-sufficiency, independence and pride in themselves. I love that I can pack their “toolboxes” with strategies and skills they will use for the rest of their lives.”

    Outside of her work, she is active in numerous local philanthropic organizations and has been responsible for organizing many impactful community events. Family is important to Lisa, she and her husband have four boys who keep them busy with sports, academic life, and travelling. Lisa also has fun with yoga and zumba.


    Tammy Bushmeyer, Physical Therapist

    Tammy has a professional interest in pediatric physical therapy, especially school age children. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Wisconsin in LaCrosse. The majority of her work experience since graduation has been working with children with a variety of developmental delays and diagnoses from infancy to 21. She is certified to administer Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (SIPT). Tammy pursues continuing education in the treatment of children with sensory dysfunction and neuromuscular disorders.

    When regarding excitement for her career, Tammy notes, “There’s never a dull moment when you work with children; they are so much fun and keep me on my toes. Watching them make progress with their motor skills and take joy in being able to participate and do new things with their classmates at school and in the community is what makes me happy. And working with and collaborating with all the great school therapists and school staff is a wonderful plus!”

    Tammy is a native of Merrill, Wisconsin, and moved to Wyoming in 1989. She and her husband of more than 30 years, have two sons. Outside of work, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and close friends, trying new recipes, reading, flower gardening, church activities, and pursuing outdoor activities such as fitness walking, canoeing, bird watching, and playing Corn Hole.


    Shannon Friday, Occupational Therapy Assistant

    Shannon recently joined FTG as a COTA/L after spending numerous years working with Child Development Services and in the home health setting. She provides therapeutic services to children from birth to six-years old.

    Shannon works closely with occupational therapists to develop therapy activities to help children reach developmental milestones.

    Shannon explains, “I love creating new therapeutic, fun activities to inspire and encourage little ones and increase their strength and flexibility.”

    Shannon earned her Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA)degree from Caper College. She was raised in Ft Washakie and graduated from Lander Valley High School.

    Shannon has the professional goal to develop an Equine Therapeutic Riding Center in Fremont County.

    Recently married, Shannon, along with her husband are deeply invested in area youth. They take pride in helping children and treat them as if they are their very own. They also love hiking in the Wind River Mountains with their five dogs.


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