Fremont Schools to place web restrictions on teachers

Despite Fremont County School’s best efforts to accommodate educator’s need for downtime during these extra stressful times, productivity levels have reached new lows and extreme measures are now being implemented to curb this spike.

After assessing data collected over the 2020/21 school-year so far, analytics experts working for Fremont County School District #25 discovered an alarming 3-4 hours of any given workday were being spent browsing County 10’s website alone. This consistent computer distraction has led to an inordinate amount of classroom management and behavioral issues, as seen in the video below.

In an effort to address these concerns and better serve the needs of students and stakeholders, district officials made the difficult decision to place a block on all County 10 website traffic on FCSD #25 servers for the remainder of the school year. If successful, a roll-out of similar web-page blocking procedures could also be potentially set in place for other sites, and the rest of the county’s schools as well.


“While we are grateful that our staff and students want to be in the ‘know’, we seem to see a growing problem with staff and students being mesmerized by the County 10 site resulting in loss of meaningful teaching learning time,” FCSD #25 Superintendent Joanne Flanagan was quoted as saying.

While administration feels these steps are completely necessary, not all teachers in the district are prepared to face the realities of a full 8 hour day during a pandemic.

“I get the district’s worry I really do, but what are we supposed to do? The extra workload this year can be overwhelming sometimes, and mama needs her community news and Pinterest to calm down…” Riverton High School paraprofessional Jolene Velarde told us.

County 10’s owner, Will Hill also weighed in on the issue. “We’re flattered that we have such dedicated fans, but hearing the amount of time people are spending on our site seems a little outrageous.”

County 10 will follow this story as it progresses, but we advise teachers to wait until April 2nd to read about it.


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