Fremont County Veteran’s Day spotlight: Ron Howard

County 10 is celebrating Veteran’s Day 2020 by featuring local Veterans. We reached out to local veterans and veterans’ organizations and asked those who responded what being a veteran means to them. We’re publishing these spotlights throughout Veteran’s Day 2020. Thank you to each and every Veteran for your service.

“In my years of service in the Army, every person I met was just a regular person trying to do a job. I don’t know of a single person who considered themselves super soldiers or an overzealous patriot who wore the uniform strictly for God and Country. We were people who joined for a variety of reasons. Some for college money. Some to get away from a bad situation. Some joined because of family tradition. And some did it because they had nothing better to do. For whatever reason that we joined, we eventually became family and that family became the reason we were there. Most of us, including me, would do it again if we could.” -Ron Howard

About the photos:


“The one of me in uniform [featured image] was taken shortly before I was discharged. I was holding my niece at my brother’s funeral, who was in the Marine Corps. He died indirectly as a result of Desert Storm.”

“The other picture [below] is taken at a Veteran’s Day Pow Wow at CWC a couple of years ago with my daughter and me. I was part of the Color Guard.”


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