Fremont County Veteran’s Day Spotlight: Charles Arndt

County 10 is celebrating Veteran’s Day 2020 by featuring local Veterans. We reached out to local veterans and veterans’ organizations and asked those who responded what being a veteran means to them. We’re publishing these spotlights throughout Veteran’s Day 2020. Thank you to each and every Veteran for your service.

“The places I had to go and places I had to do whatever I was told, the biggest thing was coming home alive and in one piece. I have a great feeling for those people who make it home, that I just keep. All veterans that I meet on the street, club, here, anywhere. I see a veteran I will stop and talk to them. Because when I first came home, no one would talk to me. It was tough. We never got appreciated like we should have been appreciated. I told myself, I am going to make up for that – every veteran I meet, I’m going to tell them ‘thank you’ for your service. I enjoy working for the club here. It’s the least I can do to give something back. It’s a privilege.” -Charles Arndt

Charles is a member of the Riverton VFW and served in Vietnam. Thank you for your service and sharing, Charles.


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