Fremont County unemployment declines steadily for second straight month

Fremont County’s unemployment rate dipped significantly for the second straight month in April.

From February to March, the rate dropped from 5.1% to 4.7%. In April the rate dropped to 3.9%.


According to a release from the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, Fremont County’s labor force also declined by 450 potential employees from March to April. The number of people on unemployment dropped by 169 over that span.

In April 2018, Fremont County’s unemployment rate was 5.1%.

Statewide, Wyoming’s unemployment rate fell from 3.7% to 3.6% between March and April. The highest unemployment rate in the county is in Big Horn County at 4.5%, Fremont County, Park County, and Uinta County all tie for second-highest at 3.9%. The lowest unemployment rates were in Niobrara County at 2.2% and both Albany and Converse Counties at 2.6%.

According to the Department of Workforce Services, most county unemployment rates followed their normal seasonal pattern and fell from March to April. Warmer spring weather often brings job gains in construction, professional & business services, and other sectors.