Fremont County snowfall totals so far this week

    Southwest Lander was the champion in the competition for most snowfall this week. According to the National Weather Service office in Riverton, 13 inches was reported.

    Most areas of Lander recorded 5-8 inches of total snowfall. Hudson saw 8 inches, Jeffrey City had a couple, and Riverton saw just over an inch in most places.

    Elsewhere in the state, Reno Hill in Natrona County recorded a whopping 17 inches, while Casper Mountain saw 14 inches. Areas of Sweetwater County received about 11 inches as well.


    You can see statewide snowfall totals by clicking here. 


    Fremont County Snow Totals between Sunday, Jan. 20th and Tuesday, Jan 22nd:
     9.5 SW Lander...                    13 inches.
     Townsend Creek Snotel...            11 inches.
     Deer Park Snotel...                  9 inches.
     Hudson...                            8 inches.
     9 SSE Lander...                      8 inches.
     9 S Lander...                      7.3 inches.
     6 SW Lander...                       7 inches.
     Hobbs Park Snotel...                 6 inches.
     St. Lawrence Alt Snotel...           6 inches.
     South Pass Snotel...                 6 inches.
     Cold Springs Snotel...               5 inches.
     Lander...                       5 to 3 inches.
     Lander Airport...                  4.2 inches.
     Brooks Lake...                       4 inches.
     1 N Lander...                        4 inches.
     Little Warm Snotel...                2 inches.
     Jeffrey City...                      2 inches.
     7 WNW Lander...                      2 inches.
     Riverton...                        1.3 inches.
     Castle Creek Snotel...               1 inch.
     Burroughs Creek Snotel...            1 inch.
     Riverton Airport...                  1 inch.
     2 W Riverton...                      1 inch.

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