Fremont County School District No. 1 Board of Trustees passes Policy CKA

County 10 Photo

The FCSD #1 special board meeting started at 6:00 pm last night and adjourned at 11:09 pm. There were mixed comments amongst the Board of Trustees on whether or not to vote on the policy last night following the comment period ending and recent edits to the policy. The Board moved forward with voting section by section. Policy CKA, CKA-E, CKA-R2, CKA-R2-E, CKA-R3, CKA-R4, CKA-R5 all passed with changes to language to clarify content.

It’s reported a total of 286 written public comments were submitted during the 45-day comment period that ended on Monday, July 22nd. Public comments from last evening totaled 57.


Reported comment breakdown:

  • 261 against the policy
  • 73 in favor of the policy
  • 9 unclear

Policy documents can be found here.