Fremont County residents receiving scam text messages

    Many Fremont County residents have been receiving scam text messages aimed at getting you to divulge your personal information. These messages say that there was a hold on your account or that your account was suspended. When called they will try to obtain your debit or credit card number. These are scams. Do not call the numbers in the text messages and supply information.   


    Forbes reported, “Phishing scams are a growing problem in which scammers try to trick people into divulging personal information. Their goal is to gain enough access to be able to use your accounts or your identity to obtain funds. Remember to be cautious.”  

    Stacy Hall the CIO at Wyoming Community Bank has the following to say:

    “Remember, the bank already has your information. We (Banks and Credit Unions) will not call our customers to ask for SSN, account numbers, debit card numbers etc.  Always remember if it looks strange or weird do not open emails or links from people you do not know.  Do not call the number in the email or text, only call using the number that you know is the appropriate number for your institution.  If you feel you have fallen victim to one of these scams don’t feel embarrassed, call and report it to your financial institution immediately we are here to help.”    

    Further information can be found at the links below:

    How To Avoid a Scam | Consumer Advice (

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