Fremont County Public Health Officer shares update on COVID-19

h/t Getty Images

Dr. Brian GeeFremont County’s Public Health Officer, shared the following information Monday afternoon about the latest with COVID-19:



As many of you know, the first case of COVID – 19 was discovered in a hospitalized patient here in Lander. After a thorough investigation by the Wyoming Department of Health staff over the weekend, it is assumed that this was caused by community spread of COVID-19. Further tests are in process from residents and staff of Showboat Retirement Center. The Wyoming Department of Health investigation resulted in quarantine orders for those staff and residents who had close contact with the patient. 

Multiple healthcare providers and institutions here in Fremont County have been testing patients who had met the criteria for COVID-19 infection over the past few weeks with previous negative results. Over the next days, more test results are expected and we will continue to update the public. 

Over the previous 3-4 weeks, Fremont County Public Health staff have worked preemptively to reach as many community members, businesses, schools, healthcare institutions and providers to discuss and prepare for COVID-19. As many of you know, we regularly participate with the Wyoming Department of Health and other counties in a variety of training and preparation exercises throughout the state. These have helped us get ready for this situation. 

This has been a rapidly evolving process internationally, nationally and now, locally. We understand the concern within our Fremont County communities. Because of this and the continually evolving nature of both public health and community measures to deal with this illness we would like to share information with you from the Wyoming Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).