Fremont County man making it his mission for residents to have more access to local foods

    Jack Schmidt is a food liaison, no really, he has the business card to prove it.

    He’s a cowboy poet, helps organize Fremont County’s farmer’s markets, and has been involved in all things agriculture in the midwest and now the Rocky Mountains. When we say, all things, that’s frankly because we don’t have time for his full bio in a post. Jack did run it down for us on the latest County 10 Podcast in the form of cowboy poetry, however.

    Schmidt’s latest adventure is the Fremont Local Food Hub. 


    As the demand for locally grown food expands across the country, Schmidt sees an opportunity for local growers and producers to capitalize financially, and for consumers to have an option to potentially eat less processed food while supporting local business.

    The idea for the Fremont Local Food Hub is taking shape in the form, likely, of a brick-and-mortar building. On August 6th the Riverton City Council will vote on letting the local food group use the former Riverton Regional Airport Cafe building.

    The building will be offered as a certified kitchen, allowing some local food growers the opportunity to follow USDA and local laws. The hope, according to Schmidt, is that they can organize a store in the facility as well.

    “We can sell Fremont County beef, honey, jam, whatever people are making to locals and to air travel passengers who are looking for a gift or a local product before their flight,” Schmidt explained.


    The Fremont County Local Hub hopes the community will assist in funding the effort for the project. The “Hub Club” was introduced, a $50 per year donation to help the efforts allows Fremont County residents the opportunity to not only support the local food mission but to get invited to a yearly harvest dinner, which will include a large meal that’s 100% locally produced.

    The 4th podcast to join the 10Cast Network will be hosted by… you guessed it, Jack Schmidt. Episodes will debut in early August as Jack talks all things local food, agriculture, farming, ranching, and if we’re lucky, more cowboy poetry.





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