Fremont County man accused of domestic battery and strangulation of household member with children present

    31-year-old Fremont County man Youngchief Lonebear is accused of a domestic violence incident that took place on October 30th at a Riverton motel.

    Riverton Police officers were called to the Jackpine Motel on South Federal Boulevard October 30th at 7:25 p.m. The caller reported that a male subject was “violently assaulting a female in a motel room.” The caller said the assault was being reported by the couple’s children who had fled to a neighboring room.

    Court documents show that as RPD arrived on scene they where greeted by an 8-year-old boy who told the officers, “He’s beating on mom.” The juvenile then pointed to the room in which the incident was occurring.


    The Riverton Police officer first on scene noted seeing Youngchief Lonebear with, “blood on his hands and clothing, specifically on the chest of his white-colored tank top and stomach area. The blood did not appear to be his.” The officer also described seeing a, “large pool of blood on the floor.”

    A female in the room was bleeding heavily through a, “large gash in her upper lip where her tooth had poked through.” Court documents also show that the woman had bruising on her head and face, with significant swelling around her eyes, mouth, and nose.  The officer said there was blood “all over the room, on the walls, on the floor, on the ceiling, and on nearly every piece of furniture.” When an officer tried to speak with the woman she was unable to respond and seemed, “very disoriented.”

    There were three juvenile children in the room when the assault began, the oldest being the 8-year-old. A younger child explained to officers how the assault began, telling RPD that their father, “threw mom across the room.” They then said, “daddy choked mommy until she was unconscious.” Another child explained, “daddy beat mommy like this,” then grabbed her throat as if she was being strangled. A child explained that their mother tried to call the police but her phone did not work, so they ran to the next room and called for help.

    The victim of the incident was treated by EMS. She had two injuries that required stitches, one on her lip and one on top of her head. She had significant bruising on her back and her arms, as well as a bite mark on her right side. She stated the assault began because she wanted to break up with Lonebear. Court documents show that Lonebear told her, “that is fine, but you will remember me from every hit tonight.”


    Lonebear was charged with felony “domestic assault” and “strangulation of a household member.” Records revealed that Youngchief had a previous domestic assault conviction in July 2018. The previous conviction added an enhanced penalty to the October incident.

    If convicted, Lonebear could face up to 11 years of imprisonment and a fine of up to $1,000.

    The defendant appeared on November 15th for a preliminary exemption, the court found probable cause was shown to transfer the matter to District Court for arraignment at a later date.


    All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.



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