Fremont County law enforcement had 206 intakes this September; 110 of them by RPD

Fremont County Sheriff Skip Hornecker gave his monthly law enforcement update at Tuesday’s Fremont County Commissioners meeting in Lander, and indicated that detention statistics throughout the county remained about the same as they were from August to September.

In September, there were 206 intakes by authorities. The Riverton Police Department saw the majority of the intakes with 110 total. Fremont County Sheriff’s had 60, the Lander Police Department 31, Wyoming Highway Patrol was responsible for 10, United States Marshall’s had 6, and there was 1 intake in the “other” category. Hornecker explained the other category usually meant someone who had a warrant, or other issue in another county or state that was temporarily held for that agency in Fremont County.


As of October 22nd, Hornecker said the current “detention roster” total of county cases was 173 people. That’s up just one person from September 10th, when that number was 172. 54 inmates of the 173 are sentenced.

Of the 173 , 117 are adult males. 50 of them are adult females, 4 are juvenile males, and 1 is a juvenile female. 1 additional person is in a treatment program.

The Sheriff also told County Commissioners that there are currently 3 openings in the communications division among the Fremont County law enforcement agencies, but he expects to have hired on at least one person by the end of the month.

There are currently 2 openings in the detention division, but again, they are in the process of hiring one person this month, so that number should soon be down to 1 opening.

Hornecker also reported that there is an opening in the Lander Patrol Division, due to a retirement. He indicated that for staffing reasons, that spot may remain open for the next few weeks.


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