Fremont County law enforcement called several times for thefts last weekend

    Fremont County law enforcement continues to combat one of the largest issues facing the area, theft.

    Earlier this year, the Lander Police Department targeted shoplifting specifically as an area of their emphasis for their 2019 plans. In late 2018, County Attorney Patrick LeBrun announced publicly that he thought Fremont County needed to take a stronger stance on shoplifters. 

    Over the weekend, law enforcement logged a handful of thefts, attempted thefts, and what appears to be a burglary.


    On Friday evening a Lander resident contacted LPD about stolen guns from his home. The Lander Police Department says this is still under investigation. A Lander gas station also called police on Friday night to report that a subject had walked out of the store with a $28 bottle of alcohol, identified as a half-gallon of Captain Morgan rum.

    In Shoshoni, Fremont County Sheriff’s logged a call about a cell phone that had been stolen Sunday.

    On Friday in Riverton, a suspect fled a grocery store after stealing a cart full of merchandise shortly after 3:00 p.m. RPD were unable to locate the vehicle after it left the store. At a different store less than an hour later, two juvenile’s were caught shoplifting merchandise.They were cited and released to guardians.

    A 37-year-old male was caught stealing a bottle of Listerine at a Riverton grocery store Sunday and cited. Sunday night, a suspect attempted to steal a bottle of alcohol from behind a bar. When the person was confronted, they promptly ran outside and fled in a vehicle. It was unclear if they still had the bottle in their possession or not.




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