Fremont County good samaritan returns dog after it jumped out a vehicle

One Fremont County family is especially thankful to a good samartian this week. County 10 received a message from a resident named Liza who asked us to thank an anonymous man who returned their family dog, Quincy, after he apparently had fallen out a vehicle.

Liza explained that her family had gone hiking in the Sinks Canyon area recently. The family pooch was to return with her father-in-law, but when they returned home, Quincy was not in the car. They came to the conclusion that the dog must have jumped out before the driver had realized it.


Family members quickly headed back to Sinks Canyon to look for the dog, but Liza had to stay home as she was on-call for her job at the hospital. A few minutes after Liza’s family frantically began looking for the dog, a man knocked on their door. He had found and safely delivered Quincy back to Liza. Quincy’s address and information was on his collar.

“I was overwhelmed and started crying,” Liza told us. “I just want to say thank you to him, I didn’t even get his name. I noticed a Denali vehicle as he left.”

To the good samaritan in the Denali – thank you from Liza’s family and County 10!