Fremont County enters Phase 2 of the COVID-19 Recovery Plan

    Below is an update shared by the Fremont County Incident Management Team today, June 12th:

    As of Wednesday, June 10th, there are new continuations (the 6th) of the State Health orders. These include some expansion of gatherings now allowing up to 50 people amongst other changes. Public Health encourages all individuals and businesses to review the new orders to see if they affect your businesses and personal gatherings.  Events not specifically identified within order #2 may allow indoor and outdoor gatherings of more than 50 people but no more than 250 people subject to the specific conditions listed in continuation order #2 under article 4.

    Public Health would also ask that people look at the list of guidance found here which discusses youth sports, educational institutions, and other groups in more detail.


    As we look at Fremont County metrics specifically, we see stabilizing, though still slightly increasing, new positive case numbers. Our percent of cases of community spread are improving as is the percent number of positive cases of total number of tests performed. Our county hospital metrics have remained stable for weeks now. In light of these metrics, Fremont County has now entered Phase 2 as per the Fremont County Recovery Plan: FREMONT COUNTY RECOVERY PLAN – 5-11-2020 finalized

    As we have been doing throughout, Fremont County will be following the new State Health orders released yesterday.  If you feel your business or event needs a variance or exception please follow the pathway as presented on page 5 of the Recovery Plan. You can obtain a copy of the Recovery Plan from your local mayor or the county commission. The County Commission contact is [email protected]

    Respectfully submitted,
    Brian Gee MD
    Fremont County Health Officer

    The Fremont County Incident Management Team maintains two websites for local COVID-19 information: Q&A & The Hub.


    All the updates from the Fremont County Incident Management Team and Dr. Gee can be viewed on County 10 by clicking here.


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