Couple accused of possession of a felony amount of methamphetamine and endangering children

    On Thursday, August 9th Federal Law Enforcement officials and Bureau of Land Management Rangers entered the Big Atlantic Gulch Campground near Atlantic City, Wyoming.

    Rangers approached two campers, later identified as Wendall and Alisa Shepard. Court documents showed the campers reportedly had a large trailer with approximately 2 cords of firewood that did not have a permit tag attached.

    While one official spoke with Wendell outside of the vehicle about the firewood, two rangers approached Alisa, who was sitting inside of a truck. After an interview with her, rangers asked if there were any weapons in the vehicle. Alisa told officers where a pistol was located.


    A ranger then asked if there was anything illegal in the truck that would alert a K9 officer. She replied that there was marijuana in her purse. After securing the gun and purse, rangers conducted a search of the vehicle. Approximately 83 grams of methamphetamine was found in the truck, as well as minor amounts of marijuana, and syringes. 3 additional pistols were also found in the truck.

    Wendell and Alisa’s two-year-old daughter was also in the truck at the time of the search.

    The couple are both accused individually of possession of a felony amount of methamphetamine, and both charged with endangering children. The charges carry a maximum 12 year prison sentence.

    On August 24th, the defendants waived their preliminary hearing and the matter will be transferred to District Court.


    The defendants are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


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