Fremont County acts featured in 2024 ‘Wyoming Road Trip Playlist’

    (Statewide) – Summer has finally arrived and folks are eager to kick off their travels right. The musical talent of the Cowboy State provides the perfect soundtrack for any adventure across Wyoming’s beautiful landscape.

    The Summer Road Trip Playlist is an annual release hosted on Spotify and promoted at high tourism areas across the state, such as at State Parks, Historic Sites and Trails, Wyoming visitor centers, museums, and festivals.

    The playlist includes a collection of songs by Wyoming artists and this year, the Arts Council partnered with Wyoming Humanities to add podcast episodes created by Wyoming producers to the playlist. 


    You can find the Road Trip Playlist on Spotify by searching ‘2024 Wyoming Road Trip Playlist’ or by going to We hope you enjoy it! 

    Artists, tracks, and podcasts include:

    1. Kalyn Beasley | That’s All She Wrote
    2. The Two Tracks  | Canyon Wren
    3. Kerry Wallace | Keep Me In Your Show Me Heart
    4. Flyover Town | Cheatin’ Kind
    5. Tris Munsick & the Innocents | Quicksand
    6. Liam & Layne | Don’t Slow Down
    7. That Doesn’t Happen Every Day       | The Library Built on a Cemetery and What Got Left Behind
    8. Wolves in Cheap Clothing | Loose Ends
    9. Zach | No Song
    10. Mastermind of Monkey        | Lead Me On (Dream Girl)
    11. Jared Rogerson | Where I Can Be Me
    12. Aaron Davis | Teeth to the Wind
    13. Chris Alma Jose | Stuck on I-25
    14. Silo Hill | From Here
    15. Pioneers of Outlaw Country | The Lost Owl Creek Colony
    16. Jamie Hansen | Do Your Damage
    17. It Gets Worse | Cool Kids
    18. Pigasus | Ripcord
    19. SGRNY | Neon District
    20. Walk the Doctor | Back In Time
    21. Angelus Errare | Nightingale
    22. Box Elder | Arrows
    23. Wyoming Pathway to Adventure | Season 2 Episode 42: On the Trail to Porcupine Falls
    24. J Shogren Shanghai’d | All We Got
    25. A Band Named Sue | Doin’ A Thing (for Skull Tree Brewing)
    26. Benyaro | Bullet-Like Belief
    27. Jason Lenyer Buchanan | Crooked Rivers
    28. Kaspen Haley & Boxelder Stomp | Had to Give
    29. Jordan Smith | American Dream
    30. Plug Tone Outdoors | Strange Nature | Sasquatch in Wyoming

    The Summer Road Trip Playlist is an annual part of the Arts Council’s Wyoming Independent Music Initiative (WIMI), working to build a robust music scene in Wyoming.  This year’s playlist was juried by Pat Lokken, a concert promoter, sound engineer, and DJ from Bozeman, MT and Emy diGrappa, a marketing professional for over 25 years and produces many Wyoming Humanities programs in the Center for the Arts in Jackson Hole. 


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