“Free” makes Shane a little craaaaazy!

You know what I like? Free.

I mean, I also like puppies and ice cream. My kids, most days. My wife Alisha’s on the list. My customers, my community….. But when somebody says “FREE” that’s the ticket, man!

It’s Shane at Gambles in Lander again – like you didn’t know who it was! Ha!

I want to Fremont County to feel free as a summer breeze up a kilt bet you won’t forget that


I want Fremont County to feel as free as Johnny Depp after the Amber Heard verdict. Free as……freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee free fallin’!

Open road free….

Don’t have to pay for my new living room furniture free……..

Wait, what?! Yep. Our next sale starting July 1st (Father’s Day Recliner Sale is still on until July 10th FYI) and going through July 31st is the “Free Furniture For Fun Fellows” Sale….

No, it’s actually not called that, but it’s fun to say! Free Furniture For Fun Fe anyway.

Here’s the deal….you come in during July and buy living room furniture, and if you spend at least $600, I’ll enter you into a drawing. On August 1st, we’ll draw two names out.

The first name drawn will get a check back for the FULL PRICE OF THEIR FURNITURE PURCHASE, up to $10,000. Yep, that’s FREE LIVING ROOM FURNITURE, up to $10k my friends!!

The second name will get a check back for 50% of their purchase.

The Free Furniture Fiesta For Fiesty Friends is from July 1st – July 31st! Come see us down here at Gambles!

PS: If you haven’t read about our other recent sales, and you’re wondering why we’re running sale, after sale, after promo, after sale……. See the little video below. COVID supply chain weirdness means I’m getting basically everything I’ve ordered for two years in somewhat randomly timed shipments. I currently have OVER 350 RECLINERS in stock and hundreds of other pieces. I can’t even get to the light switch without squeezing through boxes. So, you get to benefit if you’ll help us dig out!!!

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