Flowin’ Johnny celebrated Saturday

(Lander, WY) – The Lander Cycling Club hosted a celebration of Flowin’ Johnny, the new multi-purpose beginner trail at Johnny Behind the Rocks (JBR), on Saturday. The event included speakers, bike demos, food and good company.

Flowin’ Johnny was a collaborative effort from local and statewide stakeholders, which included the Tribes, the Bureau of Land Management, the Lander Cycling Club, Wyoming Pathways, and the community overall.

Speakers at today’s event included Lander resident Mike Kusiek, who is part of Wyoming Pathways and the Lander Cycling Club, BLM Outdoor Recreation Planner Jared Oakleaf, Wyoming Pathways Executive Director Tim Young, Lander Cycling Club President Aaron Foster and Fremont County Commissioner Mike Jones.


All of them shared their appreciation for the collaboration to see this development come to fruition.

Jared explained the groundwork that went into the project before the build as part of the BLM Master Trails Plan.

“Just about every square inch is extremely intentional,” he shared. “To the point where, when we were developing the master plan for this trail, we had extensive community involvement – extensive from start to finish. That included, I believe, over 10 different Tribes in government to government relations and Tribal input on their oral history of the area, and the Tribal resources.”

He also noted they were able to build the trail while avoiding cavity-nesting trees for both bats and migratory birds.

“We can do all that and achieve our multiple-use mission with BLM and provide a heck of an experience on a trail,” he added.


The Lander Cycling Club has helped the community in several facets, not only with helping building trails like this but the community at large through events like Jurassic Classic, WYO 131, and Fremont Area Road Tour. They have also worked hard to get new bike racks in downtown Lander that will be installed soon.

The BLM Master Trails Plan calls for the addition of 40 miles of new trail for non-motorized recreation at JBR which is located off of US-287 southeast of Lander. Click here to learn more about JBR.

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