Five facing unlawful confinement charges after April Riverton incident

    On April 20th the Riverton Police Department were dispatched to Eagle Drive in the College Hill Apartment Complex for a report of a female who had been assaulted.

    RPD identified a 31-year-old woman inside of the residence who had a swollen left eye, several abrasions on her face, a large scratch on the corner of her mouth, blood on her nose, and on both of her hands, as well as several bruises on her arms. Court documents show the woman was, “trembling and sobbing in a bedroom.”

    She quickly alerted authorities that another female was in the residence and needed help. A 27-year-old female victim was also located by RPD. Court documents were not specific on her location.


    The woman advised RPD that the two had gone to the residence earlier that day and were beaten and held against their will by three females and one male.

    Court documents show that 31-year-old Basin Blackburn is accused of kicking the females in the head multiple times. A female identified as 21-year-old Kelly Martinez is accused of stabbing one of the women in the head with a screwdriver. Three other’s in the household are accused of using a stun gun as well as hitting and kicking the two women, holding them down so they couldn’t leave, and cutting off part of one’s hair. 59-year-old Geraldine Blackburn, 34-year-old Darilyn Dodge, and 24-year-old Janelle Warren were also arrested.

    RPD confirmed injuries to both victims that appeared to be marks made from stun guns on their arms, face, and neck area. They also noted in court documents that one woman had a neck injury apparently from Blackburn. He’s accused of, “stomping on her neck and throat as she laid face down on the floor.” RPD observed tread patterns on the victim’s neck consistent with Blackburn’s shoe.

    All five defendants are facing the exact same three charges, one count of “unlawful confinement,” one count of “aid and abet unlawful confinement” and one count of “counsel/encourage unlawful confinement.” Each of the three penalties carries a maximum sentence of 20 years of imprisonment. All three are felonies.


    Dodge waived her preliminary hearing on April 30th and the matter will be transferred to District Court for arraignment and further proceedings. The other four members involved are still awaiting trial.

    All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law 









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