Film set on Wind River Reservation wins ‘Best Irish Feature Documentary’

    (Wind River Reservation, WY) – The documentary Pure Grit by Irish director Kim Bartley made its world premiere last week at the Galway Film Fleadh.

    The film which shares the story of 28-year-old Sharmaine Weed and her family was named the 33rd Galway Film Fleadh Best Irish Feature Documentary.

    Film synopsis from the Galway Film Fleadh website:


    Pure Grit is both a thrilling tale of extreme bareback horse racing, and an intimate love story. Chronicling three years in the life of a young Native American bareback horse racer, her unwavering determination, and the relationships that sustain her.

    “Sharmaine is a former horse racing champion, determined to ride and win. It’s been a year since she last raced. A year since her sister was paralysed in a catastrophic accident on the track. Sharmaine quit racing to care for her.

    “In the stunning Wyoming wilderness of the Wind River reservation, Sharmaine and her new girlfriend Savannah begin to build a life for themselves. They hope for better. But the atmosphere at home soon deteriorates and the young lovers are forced to leave for the industrial Commerce City, Denver. The city brings freedom and opportunity, but also distractions and a strain on their fledgling relationship. When racing season starts up, Sharmaine and Savannah hit the road and put it all on the line. With a new horse from her city earnings, Sharmaine sees the potential for a fresh start, but life, like the race track, doesn’t always go according to plan.

    County 10 has secured an exclusive interview about the film ahead of its planned U.S. debut. We will share additional information when details continue to be finalized.


    Click here to watch a clip of the film.

    h/t Pure Grit


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