Fewer bookings were reported in February

(Fremont County, WY) – Sheriff Ryan Lee of the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) gave the monthly Commission Report at the March 8th Fremont County Commissioners’ meeting today.

In total, the Sheriff’s Office has responded to 1,045 calls for service so far this year.

There were a total of 195 bookings for the month of February, down 24 from the previous month.


Of these bookings, 99 were for RPD, 43 for FCSO, 36 for LPD, 11 for WHP, 3 for USM, 1 for SPD and 2 out of county arrests.

The current inmate population sits at 153 in house, and 158 total in custody. This includes 114 males, 39 females and five juveniles.

In terms of sentencing demographics, 55 have been sentenced (41 males, 14 females).

103 have been pre-adjudicated. Down 21 from the previous month.

So far there have been 16 search and rescue missions for this fiscal year, compared to 30 this time last year. Of these missions, air resources were utilized six times, and there have been three fatalities.


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