February 8th Boysen Ice Racing results

Saturday, February 8, 2020, the Boysen Ice Races kicked-off at Fremont Bay on Boysen Reservoir. Below are the results shared by race coordinator KaCee Bailey.

Tiny Tot Electric Car: 1st- Ava Bailey

Pewee Bikes: 1st- Charlie Lock, 2nd- Remington Bailey, 3rd- Ryan Bailey


School Age Slick Quad: 1st- Ramsey Martinez, 2nd-Brady Brower, 3rd-Brendan Murfit

Pewee Quad: 1st- Tegan Dodrill, 2nd- Laela Hanger, 3rd- Remington Bailey

School-Aged Studded Quad: 1st- Dylan Hanger, 2nd- Tanner Supino

2WD Slick Quad (Adult): 1st- Becky Brower, 2nd-Darren Bailey, 3rd- Brendan Murfit

2020 Boysen Ice Races

2WD Studded Quad: 1st-Tyler Jamerman, 2nd-Brian Brower, 3rd-Tanner Supino

4WD Slick Quad: 1st-Darren Bailey, 2nd-Dylan Gaudern, 3rd-Corbin Miner

Open Powder Puff: 1st-Marlene Brower, 2nd- Breanna Brower, 3rd-Shaylee Farrell


Open Studded Powder Puff: 1st-Becky Brower, 2nd-Carol Lee

School Age Bikes: 1st-Brady Brower, 2nd-Colton Jardine, 3rd- Jasper Jardine

Short Screw Bikes: 1st-Rick Brower, 2nd-Mikal Miner, 3rd-Austin Griess


4 or more seat slick UTV: 1st-Jimmy Supino, 2nd-Ryley Hasenack, 3rd-Cody Dodrill

2 Seat Slick UTV: 1st-Will Galles, 2nd-Wayne Gaudern, 3rd-Tyler Jamerman

Long Screw Bikes: 1st- Brian Brower, 2nd-Tyler Jardine, 3rd-Austin Petersen

You can hear more about the Boysen Ice Races from KaCee by clicking here.

2020 Boysen Ice Races

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