FCSO respond to 7 calls for assistance Tuesday following the winter storm; 2 continue today

    The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office along with Search and Rescue responded to seven calls for assistance or extraction on September 8th following the winter storm that blanketed much of Wyoming in snow.

    Folks were stranded in portions of the Wind River Mountains, and other remote areas of the county after being either caught off guard or downplaying the extent of the forecasted weather event, the FCSO shared.

    “Fremont County Search and Rescue Crews were scattered thinly across areas of the county on Tuesday, as well as Sheriff’s Office command staff who were coordinating the rescues or assisting others with self-rescuing.”


    Today, September 9th, the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office has shared the following summaries yesterday’s incidents.

    8:00 AM – Four persons reported overdue in the Cirque of the Towers. The party had been previously contacted by the Forest Service on Sunday. The Party made it out of the area and to the trailhead by themselves by 7:30 PM last night.

    10:20 AM – Report of seven persons unable to get out of the Deep Creek Lake area. FCSO was unable to reach these persons due to weather conditions Tuesday. As of this morning, 5 of those persons have left the area and their whereabouts are unknown. The remaining two men are sheltered in place. The Sheriff’s Office is in contact with these two men and are coordinating a possible self-rescue or actual rescue operation as of this morning.

    10:30 AM – Report of four persons stranded at the Wild Iris Campground. Rescued and evacuated from the area by Fremont County Search and Rescue Volunteers by early afternoon.


    11:50 AM – Report of three persons needing rescue on the Continental Divide Trail off the Bison Basin Road, some 35 miles out of Sweetwater Station. Subjects reported to be without proper shelter, clothing or equipment they were wet, cold and becoming hypothermic. Extensive operation to reach these individuals by ground was accomplished by 10:30 PM last night by Fremont County Search and Rescue Volunteers. All three individuals were reported to be medically okay this morning. 

    12:15 PM – Report of one person needing assistance with getting out of the Cold Creek area, this incident was accomplished by the Tribal Game and Fish Department without incident, no further information was available.

    2:30 PM – Report of two missing hunters near Washakie Dam, the incident was handled by the Tribal Game and Fish Department, outcome unknown.


    3:45 PM – Report of six people stranded in heavy winter conditions near Valentine Lake. These persons were prepared for the weather and are sheltering in place waiting for more favorable weather conditions or perhaps a rescue attempt if necessary. At this time, we are unable to reach these persons due to the weather conditions. 

    Fremont County Sheriff Ryan Lee praised the actions of our local Search and Rescue Volunteers who have spent countless hours over the last several days responding to incidents all over the county.

    “Our crews are tired, they are worn out at this point; many took it upon themselves to leave their employment to help others during these events, we apricate all they do in our efforts to help those in need of assistance. I cannot say enough about their dedication and professionalism.” 

    -Sheriff Ryan Lee

    Both the Valentine Lake and Deep Creek Lake incidents remain active as of 10:00 am September 9th.

    In addition to yesterday’s calls for assistance, the FCSO and Search and Rescue were called to three incidents over the holiday weekend. Click here for more info.


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