FCSD #25 identifies student involved in potential threat against RHS

In an email (read below in full) to FCSD #25 staff earlier this evening, May 10th, Superintendent Terry Snyder announced that a combined effort by District Administration, School Resource Officers, the Riverton Police Department, the FBI, the Fremont County Attorney, and Facebook/Instagram was able to identify the student at the middle of a potential threat against RHS. According to the email, the student confessed.

Snyder also told staff in the email that “as a precaution” there would be an increased police presence in the District on May 15th.


Read initial statements from RPD and the District #25 here. 

In a public Facebook post on his personal wall, County Attorney Patrick LeBrun wrote that, “…our community became justifiably alarmed after being told that a threat to the school was being investigated. As you, hopefully, know by now, the investigation is nearly complete.”

LeBrun shared that the circumstances around the threat may have stemmed from an online exchange between a male and female student. LeBrun suggested that the male student wrote: “that she was fat and ugly and he further told her that she was the type of person who would shoot up a school.”

To which the female student, according to LeBrun, responded with the date “May 15th” and a “wink” emoji.

LeBrun also wrote in his post: “Please use your own judgment, but I believe the matter is resolved to the point that my child will be safe at school on May 15.”

The email from Superintendent Snyder is produced below:

I am happy to inform you that the individual responsible for the threat at the high school has been identified and has confessed.  I want to thank the district administration, our SROs, the Riverton Police Department, the FBI, our County Attorney, and Facebook/Instagram for their great work!  It was a tremendous effort by all of them.  I also want to thank the student that originally reported the concern to Mr. Griffith.

Keeping you and the kids safe is important to all of us.  As a precaution we will still have additional police presence in the district on the 15th.
Have a great weekend!  I am so thankful for this outcome!