FCSD #1 releases updated back-to-school COVID information

    (Lander,WY) – Fremont County School District (FCSD) #1 administrators met last week to discuss different COVID protocols/scenarios that may present themselves during the upcoming school year.

    Superintendent Dave Barker posted the following information regarding the meeting discussions on the district website.

    General Statement:


    “FCSD#1 will start the school year with masks optional in all buildings, on all transportation buses, and at all activities. Last April, a resolution was adopted by the school board stating the board’s desire to return to in-person instruction with masks strictly optional. After receiving public input and holding a discussion among its members, the board maintained the resolution to open the school year in-person with masks optional.”

    “As stated in previous messages there will not be a full-time, virtual program offered to students for the 2021-2022 school year. The district would like to take this opportunity to remind all of our stakeholders that we fully respect and support each individual’s choice regarding wearing masks, and ask everyone to show the same respect to others regardless of their choice.”

    “We are excited for the coming school year and the positive changes that are taking place in our buildings that will allow us to offer our students and families the positive educational experience they deserve.”

    Contingency Plans:


    “Administrators met this week to discuss different scenarios that may present themselves during the school year. Each building administrator articulated plans for how they would handle delivery of instruction for different circumstances, from small numbers of students missing school due to quarantine to a larger number of students and/or staff absent.”

    “The development of these strategies began in March of 2020 and were further refined during the 2020-2021 school year. Much was learned in that time frame and this year will simply be a matter of adapting the appropriate strategies to each case.”

    Safety Protocols:


    Many of the safety protocols developed during the 2020-2021 school year will remain in place for 2021-2022. These protocols include but are not limited to: 

    • Home screening: Parents and guardians are asked to conduct initial screenings of their students. If your student is experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 please keep them home.
    • Extra cleaning precautions are in place. These include sanitizing after transitions, ionizers installed in air handling systems, and increased hand sanitizers around the buildings.
    • Seating charts will be kept to facilitate contact tracing if necessary.
    • Gyms at elementary schools will be utilized for lunch to provide extra social distancing.
    • Social distancing is encouraged as much as possible.
    • Public Health, in conjunction with school nurses, will direct contact tracing. The updated quarantine Decision Guide will be on our COVID-19 Information page soon.

    Quarantine/Isolation Guidelines :

    “The district will follow guidelines issued by state and local health officials. The guidelines remain the same as last year with one important exception for vaccinated individuals; if you are determined to be in close contact and have been vaccinated you do not need to be quarantined.”


    “If a vaccinated individual tests positive they will have to be isolated. We will have the Campus Health Summary we used last year and COVID-19 related information posted on the COVID-19 Information page.”

    Intra-District Busing:

    “Due to a change in Wyoming Department of Education Chapter 20 transportation rules last year, the district eliminated bus transportation for students traveling between schools before and after school. This rule change does not allow busing within a mile and a half radius of a student’s school. All of our schools are located within that radius.”

    “As always, if you have any questions please feel free to call us at the central office, (307) 332-4711.”


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