Family requests moment of silence for all MMIP victims on the anniversary of daughter’s murder

(Riverton, WY)  Today marks the 4th anniversary of the double homicide of Jocelyn Watt and Rudy Perez, and the family is requesting a moment of silence for the MMIP movement, the victims, and the families of the victims.

“Today, January 4th, marks the anniversary of the murders of my beautiful daughter, Jocelyn Watt, and her companion, Rudy Perez,” said Nicole Wagon, Jocelyn’s mother. “That day sent ripples of shock throughout Fremont County, and everyone remembers where they were when the news struck across the State of Wyoming. Our lives were altered that day and will never be the same.”

“We thank everyone for the unconditional prayers that give us strength, love, and courage to move forward,” Wagon said, “and thank you with an abundance of blessings in return.”


Stories and updates on the hearings, trials, and sentencings can be found here.


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