Faith Wallowing Bull announces her candidacy for the Northern Arapaho Business Council

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    My name is Faith Wallowing Bull. Today I announce my candidacy for the Northern Arapaho Business Council.

    I am and have been drug and alcohol-free. Our leaders need to be examples for our young people.

    I was raised by a single mother in Ethete. My mom, Charlene Wallowing Bull, is my hero, and I thank her for the sacrifices she made to raise my brother and me.

    My background is as an accountant and I have spent several years as the Chief Financial Officer of a multi-million-dollar a year business. I am convinced that our Tribe cannot succeed without Councilmembers who have a successful financial background. Today, I am the owner of Eagle Eye Accounting, LLC. My firm is focused on assisting business owners with financial and tax issues.

    My volunteer experience includes starting a local running club for our youth, the Buffalo Tracks Running Club. I participated in a community project which established four free food pantries in Fremont County, two of which are located at Ethete Store and Arapaho Clinic. I volunteered as a youth soccer coach and a school board member for a preschool.

    Currently, our Tribe is living through one of the most difficult times in history, and we need people in leadership who will work from facts and not petty personal grievances.

    As tribal leaders, we must absolutely make a commitment to our elders and children. This cannot be a slogan or a throw-away political commitment. It must be an absolute guarantee for our membership.

    It is long past time to elect people who are educated, who are respected, and who are competent.

    I can bring that leadership to our Tribe. Together we can bring the Northern Arapaho Tribe back to a place of respect and success.

    Faith Wallowing Bull


    Paid for by the candidate.

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