Ethete Celebration Pow Wow winners announced

The annual Ethete Celebration was held last weekend, July 27-29. A parade, games, music, and pow wow highlighted many activities.

The events Facebook page announced Tuesday morning the winners of the pow wow events.

2018 Ethete Celebration Pow wow Winners List


Golden Age Women
3rd-Mary Jane Goggles
2nd-Sandra Plentywounds
1st-Elvira Sweetwater

Golden Age Men
3rd-Harvey Spoonhunter
2nd-Gerald Montour
1st-Corky Old Horn

Jr. Girls Fancy
3rd-Mikaylee OldCoyote
2nd-Maniyee Jack
1st-Neveah Jishie

Jr. Girls Jingle
3rd-Keireace Birdinground
2nd-Taylor Jishie
1st-Rhianna Spoonhunter


Jr. Girls Traditional
3rd-Selma Ruiz
2nd-Carlei Plainfeather
1st-Zids Arrow-White

Jr. Boys Fancy Feather
3rd-Keegin Eagle
2nd-Edgar Pete
1st-Darnell Baker

Jr. Boys Grass
3rd-Camden Furniss
2nd-Darian Augustine
1st-Mylan Archuleta


Jr. Boys Traditional 
3rd-Ethan Fightingbear
2nd-Darrian Archuleta
1st-Beareagle Trujillo

Teen Girls Fancy Shawl
3rd-Kalissa Underwood
2nd-Star HerManyHorses
1st-Amya HerManyHorses

Teen Girls Jingle 
2nd-Ontaria Arrow-White
1st-Asjha Tveter


Teen Girls Traditional
3rd-Sweets Bearcomesout
2nd-Christin Singer
1st-Jocelia HerManyHorses

Teen Boys Fancy Feather
3rd-Brandon Coffee
2nd-Tyi Bear
1st-RJ Tveter

Teen Boys Grass
3rd-Wambdi Clairmont
2nd-Marshall Baker
1st-Siksika ScabbyRobe

Teen Boys Traditional 
3rd-Tristen Oldman
2nd-Daris Benallg
1st-Harley Benally

Women’s Fancy Shawl
3rd-Mariah Levitt
2nd-Dezi Tootoosis
1st-Valerie Adrian

Women’s Jingle 
3rd-Alsee HerManyHorses
2nd-Osa Roan
1st-Connie Starblanket

Women’s Traditional
3rd-Ricki Hughes
2nd-Randi Hart
1st-Amber Old Horn

Men’s Fancy Feather
3rd-Roberto Hernandez
2nd-Carlos Benally
1st-Daniel Scholfield

Men’s Grass
3rd-Slik Nez
2nd-Lee Jack Jr.
1st-Elias HerManyHorses

Men’s Traditional 
3rd-Dwayne Iron
2nd-Sidrick Baker Jr.
1st-Lakota Clairmont

Men’s Chicken
3rd-Shota Tveter
2nd-Taite Honadick
1st-Charley Lewis


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