EPA vetoes plan that would increase oil and gas pollution in stream that flows into Boysen Reservoir

    The Environmental Protection Agency has decided to withhold approval of a plan to increase pollution limits in a 20-mile long stream that flows into Boysen Reservoir.

    Kevin Frederick from the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality told the Casper Star-Tribune that the EPA has instructed the state to collect more data before it decides to change the pollution limits in Badwater Creek.

    According to the Star-Tribune report, the Badwater Creek is already polluted with a mixture of produced and treated water which is used in oil and gas production from wells in the Moneta Divide field, operated by Aethon Energy.


    A current expansion proposal would add roughly 4,000 wells to the Moneta Divide. It is very likely that Badwater Creek would have much greater volumes of oil and gas pollution after the expansion project.

    More details on this story can be found, here.


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