Email surpasses Pony Express. Are you local? Stay in the know. 

Knowing how to buy Wyoming-grown foods, and what’s seasonally fresh, no longer requires fast horses and fearless riders to carry the farm and ranch news. You can go to to sign-up for Wyoming’s local food hub newsletter.

Then, you’ll know when there are freezer sales. That’s right, the bush telegraph says that if you sign up for the newsletter before Friday you’ll receive a 5% off coupon code! Now, because computers can be too smart like the horse that opens the grainary’s door latch, check your spam folder so you don’t run out of food. 

The farmers’ almanac forecasts a long winter. Fill your freezer with Wyoming-raised:

You can choose to fetch your order down at your local customer pick-up location or have it delivered to your doorstep. Your ordered food won’t come by horse, but it will arrive with Wyoming flair.

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