Duran sentenced to 8-10 years for role in 2022 homicide of Ashley Dewey

    (Lander, WY) – 38-year-old Keina Duran was sentenced to no less than 8, no more than 10 years imprisonment at her sentencing hearing held today, September 14, for her role in the murder of Ashley Dewey, who was found beaten, stabbed and under a burning tire in a Riverton residence on August 24, 2022.

    The hearing was overseen by the Honorable Judge Jason Conder, with the State represented by Tim Hancock, and the defense by Sierra Soule.

    Duran was originally charged with and pled “not guilty” to felonious restraint, false imprisonment and reckless endangering, but later pled “guilty” to the amended charge of aggravated assault and battery, as per a plea agreement filed on her behalf.


    The State, who requested the 8-10 year sentence, broke down the levels of involvement for three of the four parties charged, and noted that Duran was “the only one who showed anything close to a conscious” during the incident, was cooperative with the State and law enforcement during the investigation, and clearly showed remorse for her actions.

    Chasity Washington was cited as the main actor of the violent acts, including the stabbing, Kasia Monroe was cited as an “instigator” who was also responsible for “savage” blunt force trauma caused to Dewey by her “hammer-like” strikes during the assault, and Duran admitted to striking Dewey a few times and not letting her leave the room where the assaults occurred.

    (Jason Quiver‘s role was not discussed at today’s hearing.)

    The State went on to acknowledge that Duran ultimately left the scene before Dewey succumbed to her injuries and was placed face down in a bathtub under a burning tire, but also noted that she did not go to law enforcement for help when she left.


    Duran’s history of alcoholism and misdemeanors was also discussed by the State, who commented that “the need for treatment is high.”

    The maximum sentence for an aggravated assault and battery felony charge is 10 years, with the State arguing that the 8-10 year recommendation took into account Duran’s overall role, eventual cooperation and readiness to seek treatment.

    The Defense also cited Duran’s cooperation and remorse, while also adding that she had a history of not thinking clearly from alcohol addiction, which led to her being in the situation she was in and ultimately not seeking out law enforcement when she left the scene of the murder.


    The Defense went on to request probation, or an alternative sentence of 3-8 years.

    Duran’s sister-in-law spoke on her behalf, stating that she came to support her “for her children,” whom she went on to say Duran helped raise in her time of need.

    “These kids are losing their Auntie,” she went on to say, and added that it “feels good to see her with a clear mind,” referencing Duran’s sobriety she has attained while being incarcerated. “It’s good to see that person again.”


    Duran was then given the chance to speak on her own behalf, and became emotional when talking about her own children, and potentially missing the birth of her granddaughter in March.

    “I can’t change what I’ve done. I regret not doing more and I live with that every day,” Duran went on to say before adding that this is her “fifth time starting over,” and that she has never been more ready for a completely sober life. “I never want to be that way again.”

    Judge Conder then addressed the Court and also acknowledged that Duran was cooperative and clearly wants to change her ways, but added that even with a maximum 10 year sentence, she would still get chances to be with her family that Dewey never will.

    “She (Dewey) has been deprived of the life that you (Duran) still get to live,” Judge Conder stated, adding that Dewey’s legacy is now diminished to be known as “the lady who was found dead, face down in a bathtub with a burning tire on top of her.”

    “That is not fair,” Judge Conder told Duran before stating that “no set of circumstances would warrant probation” in the matter, and ultimately sentenced her to 8-10 years imprisonment.

    County 10 will continue to provide updates on the other parties involved as their statuses progress.


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