Dubois man accused of arson and aggravated assault; Attempted to set a house on fire and enter residence with a chainsaw

    34-year-old Jordan Murray of Dubois was arrested by the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department just after midnight on Saturday, October 13th. He was placed under arrest for aggravated assault, third-degree arson, and property destruction.

    Fremont County Undersheriff Ryan Lee confirmed that Murray had been visiting friends a house in the 5000 block of Highway 26, near Dubois. For unknown reasons, Murray is alleged to have assaulted the homeowner who then fled into his house. Murray then allegedly obtained a chainsaw in which he used it to attempt to breach the front door of the home, causing considerable damage. Lee noted the chainsaw was not running, but that Murray was apparently using it as a battering ram.

    Reports say Murray then used a step ladder in an attempt to break the front window of the home, and then obtained a gas can from his truck. He was witnessed pouring gasoline on the victim’s porch while making statements that he was going to burn the house down and kill everyone. Murray then lit the fuel on fire and fled from the house.


    Sheriff’s located Murray at his residence in Dubois. He attempted to flee on foot and unsuccessfully tried to scale a fence in his backyard. He was apprehended there without further incident.

    The property owner was able to put the fire out with an extinguisher prior to any major damage occurring. The incident was witnessed by the two occupants of the home, as well as a neighbor.

    The incident has been forwarded to the County Prosecutor, additional and/or modified charges may be pending.





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