Dr. Michael Fisher – Fremont County’s favorite Pediatrician

    If you’re a parent in Fremont County, particularly Riverton, you’ve heard of or have already taken your child to see Dr. Michael Fisher. If you haven’t, here’s what you need to know about this long-time, dedicated local doctor.

    Michael Fisher was born in Billings, Montana. He graduated from Montana State University-Bozeman with a BS in Chemical Engineering. It was only after his oldest son was born premature and required a one-week NICU stay that he decided to apply for medical school. Dr. Fisher attended Medical School at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Lubbock, Texas, and did his residency at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

    Dr. Fisher trained at the largest pediatric hospital (Texas Children’s Hospital) in the US and two large county hospitals which provided the opportunity to work with an underserved population as well as many different cultures. Dr. Fisher had 7 years of training before he ever started practicing giving him experience and expertise.


    Now in his 16th year of practice, Dr. Fisher is one of the top Pediatricians in Fremont County and completely dedicated to his patients. Wind River Pediatrics is located in the Wind River Clinic behind SageWest Riverton campus at 1005 College View Drive.

    “I am a solo practitioner. In contrast to other offices, you only see me which is important for continuity of care. If I am not in town (which is rare), our office is closed but all of my patients are instructed how to contact me during off-hours (nights/weekends/holidays). I am always available unless out of cell phone range in the mountains,” stated Dr. Fisher.

    His dedication extends beyond his practice and into the community. “Since I raised my children here, I have strong relationships in the community. I love to get involved and help out my fellow community member or group.” Building these relationships only makes him a better doctor and more genuine towards his patients.

    Dr. Fisher has been married for 32 years and is the father of 4 children. His oldest is a paramedic in Billings, one graduated from Montana State in microbiology, one is at MSU studying microbiology, and he has one child who is still in high school. Dr. Fisher enjoys fly fishing, hiking, and loved coaching baseball in the past. Another fun fact: “I have four black labs because when I buy one I can’t leave only one behind!”


    Q & A with Dr. Fisher

    What are your thoughts on breastfeeding? 
    Breastfeeding is very important to brain/emotional development, immunity, and maternal bonding. We strongly encourage this and have resources to help our mothers do this to the best of their ability.   

    What about circumcision? 
    Circumcision has few significant medical benefits-primarily a reduction in HPV and HIV transmission. A potential benefit is that it appears to be most important later in life as men live longer with hygiene in this area becoming difficult if not circumcised. 


    What are your office hours? Do you have hours in the evenings or weekends?
    Office hours are 8:30-11:30 am and 1:30-5/5:30 pm Monday-Friday. We do not have weekend hours due to our patients having full-time access to me. If necessary, I will see someone in the office during off-hours.  

    Does the office specialize in anything in particular? 
    We see patients from birth to 21. No particular specialty.  

    Will you take minor questions via a phone call or email in-between visits? 
    My patients have access to me full time with questions answered via phone/text as needed.  


    Do you visit newborns in the hospital after they’re born? 
    I see newborns at Lander. If you are getting ready to deliver, I would love to be your Pediatrician!

    Do you help with sleep training? 
    We give recommendations tailored to the family’s needs.  

    Do you have separate entrances for well and sick visits? 
    We do not but our lobby is large and has light traffic. Suspected COVID patients are typically held in their vehicles and only pass through the lobby briefly. In addition, we have negative pressure rooms and specialized sterilization for infection prevention.   

    Which tests do you do in the office vs. in a lab?
    We do strep, influenza, and RSV tests in-house with most other studies done at Riverton Hospital or Fremont Radiology. We work with patients to determine the most cost-effective testing/imaging.   

    What is your policy on antibiotics? 
    We use antibiotics per AAP/infectious disease guidelines. In general, we do not treat with antibiotics without a clear indication as they are not always necessary.  

    In your opinion, what are the biggest issues facing children’s health today? 
    Lack of physical activity and decreased sports and extracurricular involvement. Sports reinforce many important facets of life as do outside activities like music.

    Addressing our families: We all hear how much social media, the internet, and video games have taken over our lives yet we continue to do nothing different. All of us need to stop worrying about what others are doing or think of us and get involved in other pursuits, sports, nature, art-anything-to grow emotionally and mentally. 

    My staff and I love our interactions with the kids and their families. With everything going on in society, the innocent reactions of our patients are refreshing.    

    To make an appointment with Dr. Fisher, please call 307-857-5247.

    1005 College View Dr, Riverton, WY, (307) 857-5247
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