Downtowners thank the City of Riverton for flowers on Main Street

(Riverton, WY) – The Riverton Downtowners would like to express their thanks and appreciation to the City of Riverton for the flower on Main Street.

“We want the City of Riverton to know that we deeply appreciate it,” said Downtowner Jerry Kintzler of Jerry’s Flowers & Things. “The customers have missed the flower planters on Main Street.”

Jerry said that when Main Street was redone, the planters, benches, and trash cans were bought privately by the community. The flower arrangements in the planters are put together by Sweetwater Garden.


“At that time, the City said that they would maintain them. So they come and water them, every week,” he said.

Main Street’s flowers are a part of the City’s beautification efforts for downtown Riverton.


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