Don’t hide under the couch. Get free delivery.

    Overheard in Fremont County:

    “You meant to drop that freezer on your toe, right?! Of course.”

    “Watch that step – oooooh, crap! You, okay? I’ve got an ice pack.”


    “You don’t need to USE your finger, do you!?”

    “That new cabinet didn’t REALLY need glass in it…”

    Bringing home a new piece of furniture or a new appliance is supposed to be exciting and fun! It changes everything about your home. It should be an easy experience. It really shouldn’t be something you dread.

    Or something you have to buy beer and pizza for so that people will show up to help you get the new thing in the house, through the living room and into the kitchen.

    Picking up heavy stuff is for the gym. Delivery is for new stuff from Gambles.

    “But, but, but Shane! I’m already paying for this beautiful new piece, there’s NO WAY I’m paying for delivery.”

    So……don’t. Delivery within 30 miles of Gambles is completely free – which includes all of Riverton.

    Shop Gambles. Get inspired. Ask for delivery. 

    FREE DELIVERY within 30 miles of the store (that includes Riverton!).

    Gambles is at 420 Main St. in Lander. They would love to hear from you at 307-332-3670 and you can also check them out on their website and Facebook. 





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