Do you miss the sound of your insurance agents voice? If not, text us!

Do you miss the sound of your insurance agents voice? If not, text us!


In everyday life, it’s not always convenient to stop everything to make a phone call. People want flexibility and convenience, they want to be able to respond when it makes sense in their schedule, and that’s why text messaging has become the standard method of communication for many. Now, imagine using that flexibility and convenience to talk directly with your insurance agent to make some changes to your policy, or you’ve just been in a minor accident and need to know what to do next. In a minute, you can text, make changes, and get answers. No need to worry about us being available for a phone call. No unnecessary interruptions to your day. Also, wouldn’t it be great to have a record of precisely what was said and the changes you requested? At Smartt Insurance we like to make things simple, we believe that life is complicated enough without having to drop everything to talk to your agent, that’s why we’re introducing– Text Your Agent. Let your thumbs do the talking, and we’ll get the answers you need.


Do you have policy questions?
Have you been involved in a minor accident and need to know what to do?
Do you need to Add or Drop people from a policy?
Have a question about a payment or charge?

Do you currently have a policy with another agency and want to see what we have to offer? Take a few moments and text us. In exchange for 5 minutes of your time we’ll get you a quote from 5 of the nations most recognizable companies.


Five minutes for five quotes.

It’s Simple.

YOU TEXT US – Your name & (Auto Quote, Home Quote, Business Quote, etc.)
WE TEXT YOU – The additional info we need to complete your quote.
GET US THE INFO – Take 5 minutes of your time and get us the info.
YOU RECEIVE 5 QUOTES – 5 of the most nationally recognized companies available today will compete for your business with their best prices.
YOU WIN – You save time, and there is a good chance we can save you some money.

Why spend 15 minutes on the phone for one quote when you can send us a text, spend 5 minutes of your time, and we’ll get you 5 quotes from the best companies?

Get a quote – Click here

**Smartt Insurance still accepts all phone calls, emails, faxes, smoke signals, etc.
**Text messages sent during the middle of the night will be answered the following business day.


The wonderful staff at Smartt Insurance Agency.

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