Do you live in the Ethete Village Housing area? Lightning-fast FIBER Internet is coming your way!

    Are you ready to stream multiple Ultra HD 4k Movies at the same time, download games and phone updates in seconds, and upload photos and videos to Facebook and Instagram up to 100X faster than cable? Then Wind River Internet maybe your next internet provider! WRI is your truly LOCAL Internet company. Born and raised here locally and because of that, they care deeply about the communities they serve.

    Wind River Internet has been hard at work installing fiber all around Fremont County.

    They are pre-installing Fiber inside homes at Ethete Village Housing this Thursday and Friday. Willow St, Crescent Dr, and Farmhouse Rd. Call 307-857-2004 or email [email protected] for an appointment to be one of the first in Ethete with Fiber to the Home and speed up to Gig! Be ready for when the fiber is turned on in a few weeks.


    Unlike most fixed wireless plans, Fiber speeds are symmetrical, meaning the uploads are as fast as the download speed. For example, cable modems top out at 40Mb upload and our fiber goes up to the full 10G. Here is a chart with some examples of downloading or uploading files at different speeds.

    Be ready to run those tech gifts from Christmas at lightning-fast speeds!

    Visit WRI’s website for more info or call Wind River Internet at 307-857-2004 or email [email protected] to learn more.


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