Directives implemented by Eastern Shoshone Business Council

The Eastern Shoshone Tribe Facebook page shared the following announcement last night:

The following directives were provided to Eastern Shoshone Tribal Employees today, March 16, 2020 by the Eastern Shoshone Business Council.


As a follow up to the Eastern Shoshone Tribe’s recently declared State of Emergency, the Eastern Shoshone Business Council has implemented the following directives immediately. In an effort to keep our community safe, all EST services will not be conducted as “Business as Usual” until further notice. Doors to EST departments will be closed with a few exceptions.

1. All EST employees with existing health issues, compromised immune systems or over the age of 65 will be sent home with pay for the next two weeks (March 17-30, 2020). Employees who are unsure should call their doctor to determine if they’re at a higher risk with their existing health issues.

2. Based upon CDC recommendations, from this time forward there will be no EST meetings or EST sponsored public gatherings of 10 people or more.

3. The Rocky Mountain Hall and Big Wind Hall will not be available for recreational or any other purpose during this time. The Rocky Mountain Hall will remain open for funerals and only for immediate family.

4. EST Finance will process “Program Expenses” such as payment of utilities, payment to vendors, etc. Non-essential items will not be approved.

5. Requests for Financial Assistance will be suspended until further notice.

6. The following EST programs will conduct daily business for the EST but without any interaction with the public until further notice. The following offices may function on a rotation basis.

B. Finance Department (CFO, Payroll clerk, Accounts payable clerk, Grants Accountant)
C. Human Resources Department (1 staff member present at all times)
D. ESBC Tribal Secretaries Department
E. Public Relations Department
F. Shoshone Roads (Rotation optional)
G. Tribal Health
H. Elderly Assistance
I Department of Family Services
J. Department of Juvenile Services

7. The following EST programs will be open to the public but by appointment only:

A. 477 Program
B. Food Distribution Program (With exceptions)
C. WIC Program
D. Enrollment Department
E. Gaming Agency
F. Shoshone Recovery
G. Child Support Program
H. Higher Education
J. IIM Program
K. Victim Services
L. Attorney General

Directors, please ensure that staff is adequately prepared to handle tasks primarily over the phone. Directors should determine who are their essential staff and report to SBC by Tuesday, March 17 for further review.

8. Warm Valley Senior Center will be closed to the public and suspend services for congregate meals. Meal delivery will still be available for seniors. Programs under the senior center will continue under the discretion of the director and with new guidelines from SBC.

9. Shoshone Utilities will remain open but staff will have to use protective measures for collection of payments by check/money order and highly encourage the use of the drop off payment box to avoid contact with the public.

10. Boys and Girls Club will be closed to the community but staff will be required to work to deep clean and disinfect the entire facility.

11. Early Intervention Program (EIP) will be closed to students pursuant to their Emergency Preparedness Plan.

12. Cradle Board to Crayons Daycare will be closed to students but staff will be required to deep clean and disinfect the entire facility.

13. Eastern Shoshone Tribal Cultural Center and Fort Washakie Learning Center will be closed.

14. No travel will be approved for tribal employees until further notice and emergency travel will be handled on a case by case basis by the SBC.

15. All EST Directors may turn in specific program announcements to the PR department.

Directors are to remain observant and alert regarding essential employees and possible health issues. If you suspect someone is not feeling well, take action and immediately send them home.

We regret that we must implement these changes, but they are in the interest of public health. We appreciate the public’s cooperation and understanding during this very difficult time and we believe if we work together, we may be able to contain the spread of the COVID-19 Virus.
Thank you.

The public can access contact information for tribal departments here:

Updates about local Coronavirus impacts can be found by clicking here.