Del McOmie said he’s leaving the City of Lander’s Government “In Good Hands”

    (Lander, Wyo.) – Lander Mayor Del McOmie told the Lander Rotary Club Wednesday that he is proud of the progress made in the city during his term as mayor and he credited his staff  “with getting things done.” McOmie’s second run as Lander’s mayor ends the first week in January when he turns over the city’s gavel to incoming Mayor Monte Richardson.

    McOmie provided Rotarians with a four page list of city projects planned during his administration totaling over 100 different projects. Of those, he said 37 had been completed, 44 were in progress and three others were noted as the highest priority to finish. He said 16 other projects are on the “needed” list.

    Those three highest priority items included annexations of the Fox Meadows, Irwin Lane and the Brown and Jones parcels; Review of communication and tower regulations assigned to the city’s planning  commission, and placing water meters on school and city properties.


    One on-going high priority item that Mayor McOmie mentioned is the continuing work to upgrade the diffuser systems at the city’s sewer lagoons. “We’re replacing the present system with new diffuser pipes and huge air compressors that will fix the bad odors coming from the ponds during the spring and fall seasons when the ponds turnover,” he said. “We’ve been working for three years to get this done and we’re close.”

    “We’ve been shorthanded at City Hall due to budget cuts, but we have outstanding city staff. Our Public Works Director Lance Hopkin and Assistant Mayor Rajean Strube Fossen are both engineers and have helped us tremendously with obtaining grants and overseeing projects,” McOmie said. “Our City Treasurer Charri Lara has been in place for a dozen years, and thanks to her hard work, the city has received its cleanest audit possible.” He said new city clerk Sarah Edlund handles every piece of paper that goes through City Hall and that she is doing a great job.  He also had kudos to City Attorney Adam Phillips.

    “The city is in good hands,” he said, adding that new mayor Richardson has said that he would be keeping all present city staff in place with the exception of the Police Chief, “Bob Cecrle came out of retirement when I asked him to serve and he will go back into retirement again.” Richardson will name his new chief at the city council’s first meeting in January.

    “I’ve had a great tenure, in two different terms,” McOmie said.


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