Deer harvesting program in the works for City of Riverton

The urban deer population and ongoing deer vs vehicle collisions prompted the City of Riverton to apply for a Chapter 56 permit through the Wyoming Game & Fish Department (WGFD). This permit “allows harvesting of deer out of season and without an additional permit by the City,” shared City Administrator Tony Tolstedt.

This program is still under development, however, potential deer harvesting participants need to be approved by both WGFD along with the City of Riverton. The use of either bows or rifles would be allowed for those approved participants.

“It is important to note that the issuance of the Chapter 56 permit to the City of Riverton does not allow individuals to hunt within the City of Riverton unless they are in direct coordination with the City of Riverton and have been approved through the Game & Fish in advance as part of the program,” Tolstedt shared with County 10.


In order to help develop the program, City personnel will harvest the initial deer paving the way for approved citizens to participate. Those interested in volunteering to harvest in this program or who would grant access to their property for the purpose of harvesting deer are encouraged to contact City Hall and providing their information.

“Rules for hunting are extensive and safety will be the primary concern,” said Tolstedt. “Hunting units will be in teams of two or more. Spotters will be used as part of the safety measures.” The current program harvesting timeline is 8/20/2020 – 10/31/2020 unless otherwise extended or modified by the WGFD.

The meat will be donated to individuals and organizations in need. However, the processing is not included. WGFD is also requiring that the deer be tested for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) prior to donation.

“In order to be considered for donation, please contact City Hall and provide your contact information,” Tolstedt explained. “Once an animal is harvested, participants in the donation program will be contacted in the order in which they applied.”


You can contact City Hall by calling (307) 856-2227.


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