Damaged Roof? Here’s How to Determine What Your Roof Needs

The roof is one of the main parts of the structure of any home. However, many people neglect its needs, forgetting that it also goes through a significant amount of wear and tear. As you can imagine, roof issues may lead to it collapsing or not protecting the home adequately. This is why you must take care of the top of your property as well as possible.

This article will discuss how to determine what your roof needs if it is damaged, so you know exactly how to fix it. 

Assess Visual Issues on Roof

There are some roof issues that you can easily identify as long as you have a visual check of this. Even if you are not an expert, there will be things that even you can see that are not necessarily right and may be a sign that your roof is in need of some extra love. You can check whether there are loose tiles – stepping on them is a good way to check this, although you must be very careful. If this is the case, it is an indication that you have a weak roof and it may collapse at any moment, so you will not act promptly. Another issue to look for is the sagging of the roof, which you will be able to identify on your own. As you may be aware the top of your home should follow a straight line across the ridge – sagging is a sign that you may have structural issues, which again can result in collapse.


Check for Light Shining Through

Going to the roof to check for issues is not always a possibility, but rest assured that there are ways you can do this safely from the inside of your home. Turning off the lights in the rooms of your home and spotting any rays of light coming in works wonders to identify potential holes and cracks. This process should take place at sunset as it may be clearer to see whether the light shining through is due to roof issues. 

If you find such a problem, your roof’s needs will depend on the extent of the physical damage – you may get away with getting the few holes and cracks fixed or you may have to replace the entire thing. 

Consult With Professionals

Assessing damage on a roof can be difficult and you must ensure that this is done properly to avoid more serious issues from developing. You will not want to risk it collapsing in its entirety. Understandably, you may not have the appropriate knowledge or skills to deal with this yourself and you may also be concerned about your safety as going up on the roof can be dangerous. Why not leave things to the professionals? The mavens on kvnconstruction.com recommend consulting with a roofer in your local area to diagnose any roofing issues you may have. They will also be able to properly advise you on what it needs and will get this done for you. 

Check for Water Damage

Water damage is a common roofing issue and its causes can be confused with other issues. Having damp patches on the floor can be mistaken for damp, whilst watermarks and mildew near windows can be mistaken for rainwater coming in. Although these assumptions are sometimes correct, they are not always true – these may be signs that your roof needs to be fixed or replaced. The only way to know the cause of this is to check your roof as soon as you identify some signs of water damage, particularly in the upper rooms of your home. The quicker you come to a conclusion about the cause, the quicker you will be able to find a solution. 


Check for Mold and Moss Growth

Another sign of a damaged roof is the growth of mold and moss. This is something that you will easily be able to check to ensure that it is not a problem. Look around your roof and the tiles, are there any signs of mold or moss? If the answer is yes, this means that the tiles are rooting and will start to break apart. These cracks will allow water to get through to your home. This is an issue that you should try to resolve as quickly as possible by replacing the affected tiles to avoid further serious issues and having to replace the roof in its entirety. 

Ensure It is Clean

Sometimes roof issues are not a big deal and are simply due to extra debris in the area. The gutters around your roof can get accumulated with rain water, leaves, and other debris, so you must ensure that you clean them often. Do not take your roof for granted – you can avoid serious problems if you keep up with the maintenance of your room, which can happen annually, as long as you do not live in an area surrounded by trees. 

There are different issues that can affect the roof of your home. If you notice that there may be problems with this part of your home, try to check for some of the issues discussed on this page, so that you can identify what your roof needs. 


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