Dale Barrett retires from the City of Riverton

(Riverton, WY) After 25 years, Dale Barrett has retired from the City of Riverton’s Public Works Department.

“This is one of those bittersweet moments, but it’s a great moment to recognize one of our employees and celebrate their career with us,” said Public Works Director Kyle Butterfield at Tuesday’s Riverton City Council meeting. “Dale has been with the city for 25 years and has had a very successful and wonderful career.”

Butterfield recapped Barrett’s career with the City of Riverton, which began in 1997 as a Sanitation Operator. In 2003, he transferred over to the Streets and Alleys Subdivision; from there, his skill and expertise grew, and Barrett was put into a leadership position in 2014 as the Lands Division Foreman.


“He is now finishing his career as the Operations Division Supervisor,” Butterfield said. “We’re very proud of what he has given to the city; I’m very grateful, personally, for his commitment.”

Mia Harris presented a toy dump truck: “Dale, I know you’re going to miss driving the city equipment, and I’d like to present you with the first piece of equipment for your personal fleet.” h/t Carol Harper
Police Chief Eric Murphy presented Dale with a toy front-end loader: “I hear a lot of people that say they get bored when they get retired, so I want to make sure you don’t get bored.” h/t Carol Harper
City Administrator Tony Tolstedt presented Dale with a toy skid-steer: “Dale, I think the first time I ever met you, you were working one of these…and so I wouldn’t want you to get out of practice.” h/t Carol Harper
City Clerk Kristin Watson presented a paper phone: “Dale, just so you can always be in touch with us…I present to you your own phone.” h/t Carol Harper
Brian Eggleston: “Dale roped me in the program, showing me the ropes. I’m still learning stuff from Dale all the time, so we’re very fortunate to have this phone available.” h/t Carol Harper

Butterfield concluded with a final gift and recognition from the Mayor and City Council and those present: “After a 25-year career, there’s no way for me to highlight all of the things that Dale has done,” he said. “His fingerprints are throughout the City of Riverton, whether it’s the road you drive on, whether it’s on the drainage you appreciate, whether it’s the lighting you see around town…Dale has been involved in everything. That’s something, Dale, you should be proud of. That’s what civil service is all about, making a difference in your community, and more importantly, it’s something that we as a community are grateful for.”

Dale Barrett: “I’d like to say thanks for the City and Council giving me the opportunity for the career that I had. It’s been a good one; I’ve enjoyed it. Twenty-five years went by pretty quick.”

(Along with his retirement, Dale and his wife are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.)

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