Dad needs a new chair! BOGO for DADO at Gambles

    Heeeeey Fremont County! It’s Shane down at Gamble’s in Lander again. You know what’s awesome? ….

    Well…whatever you said out loud to yourself is pretty awesome too. But you know what’s REALLY awesome?


    I’m a dad. You have a dad.

    You probably see where I’m going with this….it’s FATHER’S DAY this Month! Now, I fully plan on falling asleep in my favorite chair with one hand in a bag of chips and the other steadying the food on my shirt plate.

    But what if the Dad in YOUR life needs a new chair………don’t let dad stream Stranger Things Season 4 in an old junker. You’re better than that 😉

    I’m glad we’re friends because I can help you with that.

    You may remember that I have a ridiculously large amount of furniture because the factories have apparently awoken from their COVID nap…. I have furniture to the CEILING in my warehouses – yes warehouses. I don’t want or need warehouses….but I have them right now just to hold…

    …your Dad’s new chair!

    Cheesy. Yeah, but did you really expect anything else from me? 🙂 It’s the Father’s Day Sale at Gamble’s in Lander!

    June 11th through July 10th, ALL Recliners from La-Z-Boy and Southern Motion are marked down. If you come to get Dad a new spot-to-drop, we’ll take an ADDITIONAL 30% off the sale price on a second chair!

    That’s right, it’s BOGO for DADO…. I try too hard at this funny thing.

    Disclaimer: You can buy a chair for anyone, not just Dad. You can even buy yourself a chair! I’m just playing on the Dad thing because it gives me a great excuse to give you guys deals and to get some of this stuff OUT OF MY WAREHOUSE!

    Gambles on Main Street in Lander – remember delivery is always FREE within 30 miles of the store….which INCLUDES Riverton!

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