CWC weekend recap; Rodeo, Golf, Volleyball and XC

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    2019 Rustler Roundup Rodeo in the Books

    Sep 30, 2019

    The Rustler Rodeo Team hosted their hometown rodeo this past weekend. Even with the unsettled fall weather they were able to produce a quality regional rodeo, and after the short round on Sunday, there was a lot of buzz about the upcoming Freshman Rickey Williams.


    Rickey was the only Rustler to make it to the short round. He placed second in the first round after spurring his bareback horse for 74 points. In the short round, he rode his first horse and received a score of 54 points with the option of a re-ride because the judges didn’t think the horse he had drawn gave him the opportunity to win, he took it. The second horse he got on had plenty of power and bucked him off at about five seconds, this resulted in him receiving a no score. The Sankey Pro Rodeo bucking horses were great and only two cowboys were able to cover two head which allowed Rickey to also place fourth in the average with only one score.

    “We had a great crowd for our rodeos this past weekend,” said Coach Schrock. “The Friday afternoon performance proved to be a hit when three quarters of grand stands were filled up with elementary kids that were bused in to watch some college rodeo action. This is the second year we have done this and will continue to do it in hopes that each year we get more students to come down and hopefully build more fans for the sport of rodeo. It was also amazing the amount of people that came out to the Rodeo Booster Club BBQ and performance on Saturday afternoon, especially with the rain and lighting storms that rolled through. I would like to personally thank everyone that did, we hope you enjoyed the show. The team and coaching staff did a great job helping produce the rodeo. We had four kids just out of making the short round on Sunday, but Rickey Williams showed some real guts and I am proud of him for trying to win first place and taking his re-ride. He could have taken his 54 point ride and placed in both the round and higher in the average but he was shooting for first and that is commendable. This is a short week of practice for us as we will leave for Lamar, Colorado on Thursday morning. Slack starts down there on Friday afternoon so we will be able to get out to the golf course to cheer on the golf team that morning before we head to the fairgrounds.”

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    Winning Streak Continues for Women’s Golf Team

    Sep 30, 2019

    The men’s and women’s golf team made the trek to La Junta, CO over the weekend to golf at the Otero Junior College Tournament. 


    The Lady Rustlers came out on top, taking their winning streak to 5 in a row.  The team was led by Freshman Kyra Sponenburgh of Evanston, WY with an 79-83-162 finish.  This is Kyra’s seconf first place finish of the season.  Behind her in 3rd place was teammate Rosslyn Brownell with an 85-84-169 finish, Lexi Cornell (5th) with an 89-85-174 finish and Jordan Vanetti (6th) with an 89-88-177 finish.  The women’s team placed first by finishing 56 strokes ahead of NJC. 

    Central’s men team was led by Dominic D’Anzi, who placed in the top 10, with scores of 75-76-151 (9th).  Other scores on the men’s side were Branden Pohawpatchoko (15th) with an 76-82-158, Kyle Phister (T20) with an 79-84-163 and Jose Galarza (29th) with an 81-94-175.  The men’s team finished in 5th place with a total score of 647.

    Up Next:  The Rustler’s will head to Lamar, CO on October 3rd to compete in their last tournament of the Fall season.



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    Volleyball Team Splits at Home Over Weekend

    Sep 30, 2019

    The Lady Rustlers played Sheridan College for the first time this season on Friday, and lost in 4 sets (3-1).  Central beat the Generals in the first set (25-13), but would lose the next three (18-25, 17-25, 21-25).  Sage Bearnson led the Rustlers with 14 kills during the match, followed by teammate Ava Rasmussen with 11.  Setter, Aubri Whatcott, had 24 assists and 9 digs during the game.  Labero, Jaden Daffer, would add another 17 digs on defense.

    On Saturday, the Lady Rustlers played the Trappers of Northwest College, sweeping them (3-0).  Freshman, Sage Bearnson, would lead Central again with 14 kills.  Freshman, Ashley Steffen, added 10 kills to beat Northwest.  Aubri Whatcott had a total of 31 assists during the match.  Jaden Daffer had 13 digs.

    Central’s overall record is 7-11, and 3-2 in Conference play.

    Up Next:  The Lady Rustlers will head to Eastern Wyoming on Friday and Laramie County CC on Saturday.

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    XC Team Competes in Severe Winter Storm

    Sep 30, 2019

    The men’s and women’s cross country teams traveled to Havre, MT this past weekend to race in the 4th Annual Battle of the Border Cross Country Dual against MSU-Northern.  This will be a race that both teams will never forget, as it took place in the midst of a severe winter storm.

    MSU-N barely won the dual on the women’s side, 27-28.  At the time of the women’s race there was around 3-4 inches of snowfall, and it wasn’t letting up.  Despite the conditions, the course was visible and well marked the night before.  Trysta Stingley was the top runner on the women’s side with a time of 22:07 (second place).

    Top 10 (women):

    1. Allie Tigert MSUN 22:02

    2. Trysta Stingley CWC 22:07

    3. Ashley McCready-Romero MSUN 22:13

    4. Paige Flock CWC 22:21

    5. Kaylee Nystrom MSUN 22:45

    6. Kathryn Sauerwein CWC 23:32

    7. Hailee Hunter CWC 23:53

    8. Grace Schwenk MSUN 24:23

    9. Scarlett Sisemore CWC 24:30

    10. Kaitlin Nystrom MSUN 25:27

    MSU-N slid past the CWC men, winning the dual 17-38.  Perhaps racing in the snow and wind got the best of the runners, as it wasn’t an ideal race to reach PR times.  Kenyion Townsend was the top runner on the men’s side with a time of 30:15 (fourth place).

    Top 10 (men):

    1. Amos Taiswa MSUN 29:35

    2. Daniel Kirwa MSUN 29:36

    3. Field Soosloff MSUN 29:38

    4. Kenyion Townsend CWC 30:15

    5. Liam Baez – Terry MSUN 30:26

    6. Luke Karnauskas MSUN 30:41

    7. Brayden Kovick CWC 30:55

    8. Jayden Yates CWC 31:07

    9. Jared White CWC 32:10

    10. Parker Jones CWC DNF

    Up Next:  The Rustlers will have a weekend off, and then will travel to Billings, MT to compete in the XC Invitie on October 11.

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