The winds of change are approaching hurricane force in the meat industry.  The large, vertically integrated companies that depend on unskilled labor and huge economies of scale are under pressure. The trend is in the direction of small to mid-scale slaughter and processing plants.  This size of meat business offers personal service to their customers, and to the livestock producers that supply it.  Today’s consumer truly wants a face behind their food.  To support the revision of the meat economy, Central Wyoming College (CWC) is establishing a meat science program. CWC wants to train the next generation of butchers to be able to invigorate and establish a refreshed meat processing and marketing system supported by small to mid-scale, locally-minded meat enterprises.

Meat Science is a new program at CWC, and the college seeks an energetic person to develop and launch it. This position’s hiring coincides with CWC’s construction of its $18-million Rocky Mountain Complex for Ag and Equine Sciences on the central campus in Riverton, Wyoming. This building will contain a full meat science lab with a slaughter floor and processing area to train students, in addition to the college’s new mobile slaughter unit. The mobile meat science lab enables CWC to jump-start its meat science program with on-farm meat processing development and workforce training. The meat science instructor will use the mobile lab to train students in the meat business on ranches here in the Rocky Mountains.

If you would like to be a leader in this shift in our country’s food systems, consider this job opportunity.  The successful applicant should have comprehensive knowledge of the meat industry and be able to pass that on to others. Join us in central Wyoming, the Cowboy State!

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Develop, plan, and launch a new Meat Science certificate and degree programs.

  2. Provide an outcomes-based and interdisciplinary focused curriculum for the Meat Science certificate and degree programs.

  3. Participate in community outreach efforts, including the newly-formed Wyoming Food Coalition, the robust local food system movement, re-establishing a food and agriculture local economic infrastructure, and CWC program advisory committees.

  4. Display and market the Mobile Slaughter Unit (MSU) to the community with the purpose to educate and facilitate livestock producers in operating their own MSUs and on-farm processing.

  5. Develop and maintain MSU according to procedures based on the State of Wyoming and USDA requirements, and identify and coordinate required MSU maintenance.

  6. Coordinate MSU academic usage within the Meat Science Consortium with Eastern Wyoming College and Sheridan College.

  7. Instruct Meat Science and Agriculture courses.

  8. Promote a collaborative learning environment that extends beyond the traditional classroom into field-based and hands-on education.

  9. Academically advise students majoring in Meat Science and the other Agriculture certificates and degrees, as well as other academic programs as necessary.

  10. Assist with meat and livestock judging teams in coordination with other Agriculture faculty and under the direction of the Athletic Director/Dean of Students.

  11. Recruit Meat Science and Agriculture students.

  12. Be student-focused and able to evaluate student progress.


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