CWC Counselor: Wyoming’s outdoors are good for your mental and physical health [PODCAST]

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Ask nearly anyone who has spent some time in Wyoming’s great outdoors how they feel afterward. Refreshed, recharged, inspired, happy. Those are a few of the common answers.

And according to Central Wyoming College Counselor Lance Goede, that’s not just because of physical exercise. “There are significant mental health benefits to be gained in participating in outdoor activities, spending time outdoors can lead to a variety of positive mental health outcomes,” Goede said.


Goede’s 10Cast Network podcast, Positively Mental, discusses ways to reduce stress and anxiety outdoors, dealing with Season Affective Disorder, and some tips on getting started with an outdoors routine, even in a harsh winter state.

He’s joined by the hosts of RADCast Outdoors, David Merrill and Patrick Edwards to discuss the benefits of hunting and fishing as well.

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