Curious fawns head stuck in a plastic pumpkin decoration

Lander Police was called to the Capitol Hill neighborhood near Showboat Retirement Center late Friday evening to address a fawn that had reportedly gotten its head stuck in a plastic Halloween pumpkin.

At approximately 11:30 pm, Lander Police arrived and quickly spotted two does each protecting a fawn. One fawn was helplessly thrashing around trying to remove the orange decoration from its own head.

Game Warden Rob Shipe holding the successfully removed pumpkin.

Wyoming Game and Fish was contacted. Shortly after midnight, Lander Game Warden Rob Shipe spent the next 15 minutes maneuvering the doe and fawn into striking distance. Once there, and with a threatening momma deer nearby, Shipe grabbed the fawn and wrestled the pumpkin off it’s head.

A happy ending, with a reminder to all of us to take stock of the holiday lawn decorations we display and the potential risks they may pose to wildlife.