(Fremont County, Wyo.) – When Lander 6th grader Hannah Neuendorf heard about a young boy with cancer in her mom’s 3rd grade class in Riverton, she knew she wanted to do something to help. Carson Crofts, a third grader at Willow Creek Elementary, has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.

As soon as Hannah shared this with her friends Lily Hitchcock and Shayla Babits, both 6th graders at Lander Middle School, they knew they could do something to help. The three of them serve as the 6th Grade Representatives on the LMS Student Council. Together they brainstormed a list of successful fundraiser ideas, and a school dance ended up at the top. But, they didn’t want it to be just any school dance. For the first time, Lander and Riverton Middle Schools will both be participating in a school dance Friday evening at Lander Middle School. All proceeds from ticket and concession sales will go towards Carson.

Carson Crofts

“We’re really excited to help out and we think this will be a really beneficial thing for Carson and his family,” said Lily.

“It feels good to be working with Riverton in a positive way because most of our interaction with them is being rivals through sports,” said Hannah.

“When there is someone you’re trying to support, it’s good to put the rivalry aside and focus on doing something good,” added Shayla. “And we can still have the sports rivalries too.”

Lily added they’re hoping to make this type of fundraiser an annual thing and donate proceeds to a local cause of their choice every year.

County 10 spoke with Carson’s mom, Randy Ramos, this afternoon. They’re staying in Aurora, CO at the moment so Carson can participate in his treatments. “It’s really incredible what the girls have come up with and we appreciate everything both schools are doing for Carson,” she said. “We thank everyone in the community for supporting us.”

Tomorrow’s dance is open to 6th – 8th graders at both Lander and Riverton Middle Schools. However, students must purchase tickets in advance due to capacity limits (300 students). Both Middle Schools were given 150 tickets and each grade level was granted 50. The girls noted there are tickets still available at both middle schools. Riverton Middle School students will be bused over with chaperones tomorrow evening.

For those of you who would like to learn more about Carson and how you can help, follow the family’s facebook page.

Carson Crofts in the hospital. h/t Bubba’s Journey facebook page.